DCHN’s anodizing, hard coating, and other metal finishing services are beneficial to applications in a range of industries. Any application where aluminum parts and components can benefit from improved corrosion, abrasion, and chemical resistance, greater surface hardness, better dielectric properties, and improved thermal conductivity is an ideal candidate for DCHN’s services. Many of our coating processes can be customized to meet our customers’ unique specifications, enabling us to develop the perfect coating for nearly any application.

Medical & Dental

Surgical instruments, hospital equipment, and other medical/dental products can benefit greatly from the chemical stability, hardness, and thermal conductivity our coatings can provide.


Military & Aerospace

Parts and components in military and aerospace applications have to endure some of the harshest environments and working conditions imaginable. Our hard coating and anodizing processes deliver improved surface hardness and corrosion and abrasion resistance, while meeting the tight tolerances required in these industries.


High Technology

DCHN’s coatings can improve your parts’ dielectric insulation, thermal conductivity, and corrosion and chemical resistance. Our metal finishing expertise allows us to apply the coatings your aluminum parts need with outstanding precision and within the exact tolerances your products require.


Industrial Machinery

DCHN provides a number of unique coating and finishing solutions for aluminum parts in industrial machinery. Our coatings improve abrasion, corrosion, and chemical resistance and can boost performance by lowering coefficient of friction.


Consumer Products

Our metal finishing services can help improve the performance of aluminum parts and components in consumer items ranging from kitchenware to electronics and everything in between.


Marine Applications

Given our long history with manufacturers of military, commercial and yachting hardware due to our location in Rhode Island, DCHN is an excellent and long-standing provider of both conventional and proprietary anodic and conversion coatings suitable for marine applications.